Who We Are

Peacemakers Outreach is a non-profit; faith based, ecumenical organization that is dedicated to pursuing spiritual, individual, denominational and racial reconciliation through biblical education. The title “Peacemaker” is taken from Jesus’ teaching from the Sermon on the Mount. “Blessed are the peacemakers, for they shall be called sons of God.” (Matt 5:9). A peacemaker is a person who seeks to bring together two or more parties that have been alienated from one another.

Jesus Christ himself was the world’s greatest peacemaker! He specialized in breaking down the walls of separation [Eph 2:1]. Those of us, whose primary desire is to walk as Christ walked [1 John 2:6]; will make reconciliation a priority in our lives and ministries. Therefore, the cry of our hearts must become: “LORD, let us become peacemakers!”

We believe that the walls that separate man from God and the walls that separate believers from one another are all rooted in ignorance. The word “ignorance” simply means: “the state of being unaware or uninformed.” Therefore, we believe that these walls of separation can be removed through biblical education and enlightenment.

As an organization, we are Ecumenical in purpose, Non-denominational in representation and Interdenominational in relationship.

Ecumenical – Refers to any initiative or movement whose primary objective is to diligently advance the work of returning the body of Christ to a state of Christian unity. We believe scripture clearly teaches that all those that have been called into the five-fold ministry are specifically tasked with working toward biblical unity. [Eph 4:11-13]. We believe that many have lost sight of this aspect of their ministry. We also believe that this “ministry of reconciliation” (2 Cor 5:18) has also been given to every Christian believer. Jesus taught that those who would take on and carry out this ministry would be blessed. [Matt 5:9]. At the heart of this ministry is the Christian Unity Movement.

Non-denominational – A non-denominational institution means that an organization or church is not formally affiliated with or represented by any established Christian denomination and therefore remains autonomous. These are institutions, churches and organizations that have no central headquarters or hierarchy outside of the leadership of their local body.

Inter-denominational – The term inter-denominational means that an organization rejects the historical biases that have separated members of the body of Christ from one another and purposely seeks to bring together persons with differing theological backgrounds without compromising the fundamental doctrines of Christ. We seek to form allegiances with other Christian organization with a heart for seeking the answers which will lead to reconciliation and biblical unity.