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Passionate… and Blessed

The Historical Cycle of the World’s Great Civilizations Bondage (Physical, Spiritual or Both) Spiritual Faith Great Courage Liberty Abundance Complacency Apathy Dependence on Government Bondage (Physical, Spiritual or Both) Where Does America Fit into this Cycle? As I woke this morning and turned on my television, in was reminded that today is the 30th anniversary of […]

Mission Outposts

In the early 1600’s, Christians from across Europe began the long journey to America in search of religious liberty. What exactly was one of their stated goals? Create a nation of light for all other nations to behold. While in route to the New World and still aboard the ship Arbella, Puritan John Winthrop preached […]

The Declaration of Independence II

On November 22, 1994, thirty of our states Republican governors unanimously adopted the Williamsburg Resolve. In it, they said: “The challenges to the liberties of the people… comes from our own Federal government that has defied, and now ignores, virtually every constitutional limit fashioned by the framers to confine its reach and thus to guard […]

Armed and Dangerous

On January 18th – 25th the Christian Church will once again begin its annual observance known as “The Week of Prayer for Christian Unity.” However, when the world looks at the modern Christian church, does it perceive unity or does it see division? The answer should be apparent. If it is not, allow me to […]